Choice Eats and I might be pathetic.

I never thought I would be one of “those moms.” I never thought I’d be one of those moms who is rarely separated for very long from their kids. Before I had my son, I’d forever be telling my girlfriends with kids “go on that trip, you need YOU time” or “I’ll watch your crib dweller so that you and your husband can have a night out, you NEED it.” I was all about taking time off from mommyness and being your adult self.ย  Three years later, I find I am pathetically ill-equipped to do the same. To be fair, this is not entirely my fault. My husband is a cop, and being a cop in NYC, you aren’t always the most trusting person. Babysitters are pretty much a no-go. My husband has had to arrest/testify against/put away too many bad babysitters. This isn’t to say there aren’t MANY MANY awesome, loving caregivers in Brooklyn; there are. I have friends that have them! However, we rely mainly on my husband’s family (my family is scattered and far away) and close friends. So of course, with the exception of when I am at school/work/auditions, we are far less likely to ask. As a result, I have only spent one or two nights away from my son since he was born 3 years ago, and have a really hard time wrapping my head around doing it. SO much so that last night, when I had the perfect opportunity to share an evening alone with my husband after an awesome night at Choice Eats which I won via twitter, I couldn’t do it. After my husband, Tim and I chowed down on some really terrific food, we called his sister to check in on our little one. He heard my voice on the phone and got a little whiny, and I went running to him. Who does that? I know he was having a perfectly fun evening with his aunt, uncle, grandmother, and cousins. He was well-fed, safe, highly entertained, and completely surrounded by people who are over-the-moon for him. But nevertheless, I heard one little whine, and I couldn’t take it. On the drive over, I knew what I was doing was so, so not what I should be doing. I did it anyway. I am so disappointed in myself. My husband kept reminding me that I am 5-6 short weeks away from having another baby, and will inevitably be separated from my son, Elijah then. He really needs to get used to spending the night elsewhere. I need to get used to it too. I also just need to cowboy the eff up and do it.

On to the fun part of the evening. I won two general-admission tickets to The Village Voice’s Choice Eats via twitter by tweeting how much I love Bark Hot Dogs and Robicelli’s cupcakes. (incidentally, Robicelli’s are the ONLY cupcakes I like. The are not too ridiculously sweet, always inventive, with a perfect frosting-to-cake ratio.) In general, I am a cookie or pie person. Mostly pie. More on that later. We got in line for the shindig at about 5:30 for a 6:30 door opening and the line was already around the block. Thankfully, there were food trucks outside with delicious food to keep our considerable appetites at bay. The Taim Mobile was my favorite, with their light and airy falafel balls. (Did you know such a thing existed? I didn’t either.)

We got inside and were OVERWHELMED at the sheer size and scope of this foodtacular. My husband’s eyes lit up at the sight of all of the meaty wonders awaiting him. Our first stop was table #1, The Meatball Shop. They had the most delicious reuben balls. I have been a die-hard Meatball Shop veggie ball fan since their inception, but this may have converted me. After that, we had bubble tea from Fay Da bakery, baked beans from Bark Hot Dogs, shrimp rolls from Luke’s Lobster, amazing Japanese beef, pig head sandwiches, a hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese from Ditch Plains, and the list goes on and on….at 33 weeks pregnant, this felt like a week’s worth of food and I thought I might need to be wheeled out on a gurney. I can’t wait for next year when I can enjoy the beer and wine offered throughout the evening!! I saw a few other very pregnant ladies there and we commiserated about our inability to enjoy the hennepin or the cocktails or the wine….I could have been fat, happy, and tipsy!! There is always next year; until then, pass the rolaids.



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