Waffle Wednesday

Ok, so every Wednesday I break out the ol’ waffle maker for breakfast for me and Elijah. I love trying new recipes and seeing if Elijah will love it or spit it out and look at me as though I am using breakfast as an excuse to order pizza. (pepperoni and cheese waffle?) This morning it was cottage cheese waffles adapted from this one. Instead of regular cottage cheese and milk, I used half skim milk/buttermilk and low fat cottage cheese, and instead of AP flour, I used whole wheat flour, and of course (if you know me)  I used organic ny eggs and milk. (seriously good stuff.)

These waffles were super yum. Elijah ate them topped with maple baked apples, served alongside a hard boiled egg. (He is ADDICTED to hard boiled eggs…it’s kinda gross) I ate them with plain old peanut butter. They had a really fun texture and browned nicely. I was a bit worried the lumps would scare us both, but we were brave and they were good. Elijah ate the WHOLE waffle, whereas with the giant visitor in my belly, could only finish half. All-in-all, a success!


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