spray painting a lamp, what would Katie Couric do?

So, last night, LATE last night I got an alert from HuffPo saying that Katie Couric was leaving “CBS Evening News.” At first, I was like “duh,” then I was like “what an ANNOYING alert to get at this time of night.” Doesn’t HuffPo have some sort of grading systems on the cell phone alerts they send out? There should be someone there saying “stating the obvious? no alert.” “Katie Couric punctures colon and now suffers permanent leakage due to crazy on-camera colonoscopy incident,–alert.”

News outlets everywhere this morning were abuzz, “where will she go?” “what will she do now?” “will she try to take back her old NBC gig in a no-holds-barred cage match with Meredith Viera?” My guess is she won’t be unemployed long.

On to my lamp. My husband and I have been together since the beginning of time, and have had some things in our house just as long. Two of these articles? A pair of brown Ikea lamps that have been in every room of our home. Right now, one is in our living room, one in our son’s room. We have changed the shades and I plan on doing that again soon. I decided to spray paint one with Krylon Laquer spray paint in white. I like it a lot, but I do think I am going to add a coat of high-gloss spray. The lamp took several coats due to odd shape and grooves, but didn’t take more than 30 minutes, I taped off the top and cord and spray painted it into a box. Could not have been easier or cheaper. One can of spray paint was $5  at Home Depot, and I have plenty left over if I want to do the other lamp, or anything else.

(This is actually the one still in my son’s room, because I forgot the “before” pic before painting. It’s identical.)


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