Congrats to Tina Fey and Working-Out post baby.

Well, congrats to a five-months pregnant Tina Fey!! I am sure her fetus is already concocting witty comebacks from inside the womb. She is a really, super nice lady. I have had the opportunity to meet her and work with her, and she was just lovely. I love me some Alec Baldwin, but do you think he’s going to get this new one a pig toy? (Maybe that wasn’t nice….I’ll think about that later, I promise)

So, one of the things I miss most while I am in my massive, uncomfortable, I can’t possibly be pregnant that much longer third trimester is running. I still work-out, lift weights, and do about a gajillion squats and mama crunches in hopes to have an easier labor, but I love running.  I find myself day-dreaming about pounding the pavement and hitting the hills. So, of course, I have been online shopping. I am ADORING this spring’s cute, brightly colored, running gear!

adidas running short

Nike Dri-Fit tank

Champion Bra

saucony running shoes

Aren’t these great? Nothing motivates me like new, cute running clothes!!!

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