Curl up with a good book, Planned Parenthood outsearches Real Housewives?

I am a little obsessed with Google Trends, I am always curious as to what others are looking up. Today, for the FIRST TIME EVER I saw Planned Parenthood was outpacing The Real Housewives in searches. Holy Smokes. My aunt Liz has worked for Planned Parenthood for as long as I can remember in different capacities, is definitely someone I have always looked up to. The fact that it outpaced a reality show based on pitting women against each other in a fashion similar to a grudge match. Making women seem like they are incapable of supporting each other and only able to treat each other like dirt. You’ve seen the promos for this season in NY, “She is a thug in a cocktail dress.” Or if you watch the Atlanta housewife NeNe on a show as benign as Nate Berkus, she talks about other women like they are nothing but competition. It saddens me. It now hits home especially hard because I am having my own baby girl and I just want MORE for her than this.

One of the first people I met when I moved to NYC was a long-time friend of my husband, Jennifer L Pozner. I can only imagine what she thought. At that point, I had gone to a very fundie school and was probably not putting my intelligence to its best use. I thought that the world revolved around my impending marriage to my husband, and my duty was to serve him. (By the way, he did NOT feel this way.) Thankfully, in the past 8 years, I have evolved a lot. I have always wanted to be successful, but thought that meant putting my goals on the back-burner. (again, not my husband’s idea. mine. I no longer feel this way) Fortunately, I am pretty sure she knows I am wayyy past all of that. I actually have very little clue where I came up with such nonsense. My mom has always been very successful in her career, as are the aunts that had a strong hand in raising me. (including Liz, and my aunt Vicki who is the personal assistant/right hand to the owner of a VERY large food company) Not to mention, my older sister has always been a super awesome feminist doing it her way. Enough about me. More about Jenn.

Jenn wears many hats; lecturer, speaker, writer, media guru, and author. She published a great book on the subject of reality tv last year, Reality Bites Back which eloquently describes what this genre of television is all about and what it is reducing us to. It is SO smartly written. Don’t believe me? read the reviews.  Read.This.Book. You will not be disappointed. She gives us hope as to what we can strive toward instead of what we are currently achieving.

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