Just Workin’ on My Fitness.

I don’t always LOVE working out. There are days where I’d rather do just about anything. I do love running–well I NEED to run. I have suffered from different types of depression since age 14 and obviously, when I am pregnant, I cannot take meds for it even if I wanted to. Beyond that, I don’t really want to. If I don’t get my workout or runner’s “high” it makes handling my isssues much more difficult.

When I am running or working out, all my feelings of inadequacy disappear. I feel strong. I feel like I can take on the rest of the day. It makes me a better mom. It also allows me to have a little extra blue cheese on my salad. (It’s pasteurized!) Since I haven’t been able to keep up with my running in the latter part of my pregnancy, (sciatic nerve nightmare!!!) I have been doing a lot of calisthenics and different types of weight training etc.

This morning’s workout (a lot of these can be found at Tight Bod With a Pod

2 reps of 25 plie squats

2 reps of 25 forward lunges

25 arm elbow-knee reaches on each side

4 reps, holding 30 seconds a piece pelvic tilts

25 dips

25×2 chest raises

all with one minute rest in between.

Later, I may do some wall-sits and more pelvic tilts. (to try to get this tot to turn!!!) I will also go walking outside!!

What I listened to:

“Rolling in the Deep” Adele

“99 Problems” Hugo

“Scream” Michael Jackson

“Fat Bottomed Girls” Queen

“Under Pressure” Queen

“Power” Kanye West

“Raise Your Glass” Pink

“Born This Way” Lady Gaga

“Superball” Magic Kids

“Carmina Burana: O Fortuna”

It will REALLY rock your morning/afternoon!!

After I worked out I had some chocolate milk. (Old running habits die hard)

2 thoughts on “Just Workin’ on My Fitness.

  1. Great ideas Cat! This is all so true. I would say working out makes me a better mom. It's such a help in so many ways. Thanks for so eloquently expressing the importance! Also, I love the website you gave "tight bod w/ a pod".. too cute. Making a mental note for when I get married and have more babies :) xoxo.

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