Easter Basket Bonanza

Uh, it’s Good Friday. Already. Holy Cow. In prep for Easter, I need to:

Make the dough for the paska (Slovak Easter Bread)

Make the dough for the halusky (Slovak dumplings–soo cheesy, so delish)

Thaw and marinate the leg of lamb

Chop the veg for the salad

Grab the ingredients for the 5-cup salad (just what it sounds like. A salad with 5 ingredients)

Make the chocolate silk pie

Put together Elijah’s Easter basket.

I am not totally unprepared. I have purchased his felt Easter basket from Target and his chocolatey Easter delights. A toy has not yet been added, but I have a feeling it will be a truck of some variety. That boy loves his trucks. He likes trucks almost as I like a new kitchen gadget or pair of shoes. Almost. When I was growing up, we always got a kite in our Easter basket, one which my brother would inevitably let fly away. Goodbye, Mighty Mouse kite. Sayonara, Bugs Bunny. Be Free, Yogi Bear. I thought about getting Elijah a kite this year, but it seemed silly. He’s three. If it doesn’t take off with him in tow, he will certainly lose it. (He likes to do EVERYTHING himself and would NOT let my husband or I hold the reel.) Perhaps next year. Especially when you see kites with T-Rex dinos emblazoned upon them like this cute little number.

I am feeling a bit guilty right now, though. I want EVERYTHING for the next couple of weeks to be so special. It’s his last couple of weeks of life as he knows it. His moment in time where my whole world still revolves around only him. To be honest, this was a major mental hurdle I had to overcome when I was deciding to have another child. How could I possibly spend less time/energy on Elijah and still have him turn out ok? Then I remembered, my mom is one of 5 and she and her sibs are doing great. I am NOT an only, my husband has FOUR sisters. If nothing else it made us BETTER people. We learned to share, we learned to be more empathetic, we have built in friends and babysitters for life. (And to be honest, aside from my husband and I, NO ONE loves Elijah as much as his aunts and uncles.) He is a truly blessed little guy. But I still want these next few weeks to be special. Call me crazy.

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