Staying Up and Winding Down

Let’s face it, I have a 6 week old and a very, very active, adorable 3 year old. Even though I eat well and exercise, being up several times a night with an infant can really start to drag on you. There are some days where I wake up looking like Nick Nolte’s mugshot. Gotta love the Smoking Gun.

So, when you look like that, you can do one of two things; get yourself some more snazzy Hawaiian shirts (um, CHECK! so, moving on) OR you can drink gallons of coffee. (double check!) I am OBSESSED with Dunkin Donuts brew-at-home. I know, I know, it’s not Stumptown or Gimme or even La Colombe, but it does hit the spot! Fair-trade in my belleh! Plus, it’s not a gazillion dollars a pound. It’s $10.  I am into iced coffee right now, (hello, lovely!) and wonder who has tried the Japanese method? It seems like something I just haven’t the time for. Cold-brewing, on the other hand, easy breezy. You can find that method here. Very little work=a big payoff.

And then at night, sometimes, I just want to wind down, relax, and chill. I am officially obsessed with skinnygirl margaritas. 100 calories? Yes, please!  I sound like an ad, but I used to only drink red wine or vods n diet tons, I am trying to avoid diet anything, sooo… sometimes I add a bit of pineapple juice and a bit more tequila to a 2 oz pour to make a pineapple margarita. Something different and delish! If your tastebuds tire of the lemon lime. (or “limon” as it was referred to in the 80s)

I have a picture of my own margarita, but my uploader hates me right now.

Tonight, since it’s going to rain, AGAIN, I am trying out a new class at a new gym!!! Probs also going to run on the treadmill! The guy on the phone sounded INTENSE, so we’ll see what kind of trouble he is going to get me into. oosh. Hopefully he doesn’t want me to grunt or anything like that. I’m not a gym grunter. In fact, I hate gym grunters. Go away and do that at home. Puh-leaze. If I want to hear people grunt, I’ll watch a “Home Improvement” re-run or go to a pig calling contest. (Do they have those in Brooklyn?)

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