A Day at the Park and a De”light”ful Cocktail for the 4th

Today was a fun, warm day. So, off we went to Dyker Beach Park. I have no idea why it’s called this, as there is NO beach. However, there is a fun water feature that Elijah likes to take full advantage of. There was also a guy selling piragua (latin shave ice) so the three of us shared a coconut flavored one. (Avalee may be a bit too young for it!) Note to self: this stuff would be GREAT with some rum.

A de”light”ful cocktail for your Independence Day celebration.

The Strawberry Arnold

1oz citrus vodka

1oz santa cruz strawberry lemonade (widely available)

1oz iced tea-unsweetened


strawberry for garnish/yumminess

mix in glass with ice-drink-if you need to, more than one. (Say, if you have an aunt or mother who does nothing but ask you about when you’re going to get married, or lose that last ten pounds.)


5 thoughts on “A Day at the Park and a De”light”ful Cocktail for the 4th

  1. This popped up as a suggestion from your most recent post and... omigawd I hate you for looking so awesome post partum. Only I could never hate you... so I'm simply sticking my tongue out at you instead. Love you hooker. Oh - and send me the damn moby already! My boobs hurt too much for the ergo/bjorn right now! mwah!

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