Winning. (Not the really dumb Charlie Sheen kind)

Attune: To become aware or harmonious. To bring into accord; see also, awesome. supah dupah, yes, be jealous.

I love breakfast. I have been a breakfast eater since day one. Granted, for a time, I fell into the unhealthy habit of picking up Burger King or MaryAnn’s Donuts and coffee for breky on my way to school, but I have always eaten one.

My Dad introduced me to the wide world of fiber. He’s a little really obsessed with his digestive system. Mostly because of the inevitable “funny” of sophomoric poop jokes, but also because he just likes his body to do things on a schedule. This man likes to “shoot the shit” about that very topic. I seriously think he hopes they have psillium husk in Heaven one day waiting for him. He and Dr Oz would get along quite nicely.

He also introduced me to Uncle Sam’s cereal, and that cereal and I have had a very close relationship since. Then, the fine folks at Attune Foods came out with a line of probiotic chocolate bars. Best part? They don’t taste like crap. They are really good. So, anyhoodle last week I was a part of a #tweetup about breakfast that happens every Wednesday at 9am PST using the hashtag #attune. When I joined in I had no idea about the giveaway. To be honest, I didn’t know about the giveaway until Miz Fit herself, Carla told me I had won.

What did I win, you ask? A coupon for an Attune product, (thinking Erewhon crisp rice or graham crackers for the ittybit.) and a super neat, portable breakfast bowl with screw-on lid.

I have a feeling this bowl won’t be mine for long. My Hubbs takes his breakfast on the go every morning, and this seems perfect for that.

This morning, I filled it with overnight oats made with peanut butter, greek yogurt, (Chobani, which incidentally is all over the blogosphere right now. I buy it because it’s what my local warehouse store sells and I fell in love with it that way. Wayyyyyy more affordable than Fage. 1.79 for ONE YOGURT?? IT’S NOT EVEN ORGANIC!!) vanilla almond milk, sliced banana, and CHOPPED ATTUNE DARK CHOCOLATE probiotic bar. Chocolate+pb+banana=a breakfast miracle, and since they are cold, overnight oats, they do not mess with the functionality of the probiotics in the bar!

Ask me how much I got to eat. Go ahead. Ask. I’ll tell you. Three bites. My breakfast was then stolen by

4 thoughts on “Winning. (Not the really dumb Charlie Sheen kind)

  1. That is a great bowl. Love it. Your breakfast also sounds delicious. I went through a phase in high school where I was much too cool for breakfast, but now I eat breakfast EVERY DAY! (Except sometimes not on Friday, because when it's after 10, it's just brunch, right?)

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