Brooklyn Brings It. Sweet, Sweet, Gluttony.

This past weekend, we tried to beat the heat by any means necessary. While this mostly meant hanging out on Long Island by the water, it also meant that Sunday, we headed out to the New Amsterdam Market in Manhattan, which happens to house a lot of Brooklyn vendors.  We hit up Liddabit Sweets and the 3 year old got their wonderful (albeit very sticky in the heat) maple sugar cotton candy on a pretzel rod. I would have taken a picture of it, but the way my son was going after it wasn’t pretty. After the hot cotton candy, we headed to my favorite soda store eva, P&H Soda Co. Here’s the thing, I really don’t drink soda-ever. I drink this one, though!! I first had it when enjoying a pink poodle float at Brooklyn Farmacy. I have only had the cream soda and the hibiscus, but let me tell you-amaze. There is something so wonderful about the floral sweetness of the hibiscus soda. It’s different than any other soda I’ve ever had. It’s definitely a rare treat for my son, but he thinks it’s really the tops. It should be mentioned that if you like Chinese Hibiscus tea, you will ADORE this.  It’s not cloyingly sweet, there is no corn syrup headache.  It’s light and crisp.

Yesterday, we finally got to go to the Dekalb market that opened over the freaking hot weekend. It is an outdoor market made up of shipping containers that have been designed and made into air conditioned store stalls. It just so happens to also house my favorite bakers, Robicelli’s.

Picture it, Brooklyn, 2011, a young mother and her two kids head into downtown Brooklyn in a small suv to enjoy “Golden Girls” day at Robicelli’s. Cupcakes named for and designed after the “Golden Girls” that have passed. (No Betty White cupcake as she is still kicking.)

I love the “Golden Girls.” My mother and I would always watch two things together regardless of how much trouble I was in at the time; “Golden Girls” and Joan Rivers red carpet arrivals.  We obviously have an old lady obsession.

Dorothy: “I’d kill Gloria if she ever wrote a book about my sex life”

Sophia: “You’d kill your sister over a pamphlet?”

The “Bea Arthur” happens to be my favorite cupcake. It is a coffee infused cocoa cupcake with a rich cheesecake buttercream and espresso ganache. If your favorite coffee got down to business with the best chocolate cake and had a cheesecake baby, this would be it.

Elijah ordered the “Estelle Getty” which was almondy and rich with crunchy amaretti cookies on top. Unfortunately, since he HATED his lunch (the sushi wasn’t ice cold), he downed his cupcake and then laid in on mine. So, I ended up eating half of the brownie I bought to put in Tim’s lunch for the next day. I am sooooo glad I did. A bacon-bourbon brownie. You read that right-a BACON BOURBON brownie. It is not a slap you in the mouth bacon flavor, instead, it’s just a subtle salty/fatty/smoky taste in the background that kind of takes your brain to another place. A better place. A place where you’re totally allowed to run around in your pajamas all day with no make up on wearing flip flops. (I know you’re thinking I just described wal-mart, but I live in Brooklyn, places like this exist only in our dreams, though wal-mart, is a nightmare.)

It doesn’t come with a bite taken out of it.

This is how the bite gets taken out of it.

So it’s a good thing I also got Tim HIS favorite cupcake, the “Ebinger.” It’s the best Brooklyn Blackout cake you’ve ever had. Note to self-give your hubs a lobster bib before he eats a cupcake.

After the brownie, I REALLY needed a run, so, of course it started to pour. I packed up and headed to the gym where I ran a quick 6mi and foam rolled the heck outta myself. Average pace 8:51. Today is BODYPUMP!!!! (yesterday’s class was cancelled) Happy Tuesday!!!

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