You Put a Banana Where?

You know the scene in EVERY horror movie where the lead comes into a room where a bloodbath has taken place and her eyes dart around the room in horrified fashion? This was me this morning.

I took Elijah into the living room with me to have some milk and coffee and to settle together for “Sesame Street.” Poor guy was exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa. A little bit later, Avalee woke up hungry. Off to the bedroom I went. I heard NOTHING from the living room. Not.A.Peep. I came out to the living room about 20 minutes later to the banana bloodbath. The boy. Naked. Completely smeared in banana. He had banana between his toes and his fingers. He had it on his belly and all over the twig and berries. It was all over his face. He was eating it off of his foot and knee. It was like the 3 year old scene from “Bruno” that was never aired.


“Mama, it’s lotion, I got a facial! I have smoove skin!!”

Then I remembered it. Yesterday, while I was blogging and Elijah was playing with his trucks, I had on some random, no name channel, and they were giving each other banana and avocado facials. Elijah had recreated this. In my living room. All over himself.

Just an FYI, it takes about 30 minutes to get banana out of every crevice of a 3 year old.

Another way to eat a banana!

The best overnight oats I.have.ever.made.

1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal

1/3 cup chobani champions honey-nana yogurt

1T cocoa

2 T attune foods Erewhon cocoa crispy rice cereal

2T vanilla almond milk

1T almond butter

fresh banana slices

Combine all ingredients save for fresh banana and crispy rice cereal. Refrigerate overnight and then stir in rice cereal and top with banana. YUM!! The crispy cereal adds a nice crunch!!



10 thoughts on “You Put a Banana Where?

  1. You realize that is completely awesome, right? At least from the perspective of a person who did not have to clean up the banana-crevices. I hope his skin stays smooth for a looong time.
  2. This was fantastic! Great read to get me through the rest of my day. And thanks for the idea of a new facial to try.

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