Figs. I love figs. I think I love them as much as my baby brother loves The Ohio State University’s football team. They’re both only in season for .2 seconds a year. Get em while they’re hot. What do you do with the fruit of the awesomeness?

You make scones. Not with the football team though, that wouldn’t taste good.

I was a bit inspired by Meghann’s lemon fig cake, but wanted something sturdier.

I used this recipe from the food network. I ditched the currants and added fresh, chopped figs and the zest of one lemon. Something about the combination of lemon and fig is so classic and so delicious. These go great with tea or coffee and go even better with solitude; so that no three year old comes by and pulls your figs out to eat them himself. These go soft really quickly, so freeze or eat up.

By the way, this is how I’m blogging right now.

It makes things go a little slower.

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