The Jets Under My Jammies.

Every mom can run a marathon. Of this I am convinced. You may not want to, you may not think you have the time, but trust me, you can do it.

Every day of my life is part marathon. Eat breakfast, go to the park, to Target; lunch, to the pediatrician, craft time, park again; dinner, bath time, movies, snack time, bed.

All while I am doing this, I am keeping the three year old from coloring on his sister, nursing the four month old, finding the marker caps, cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, finding the three year old’s pants AGAIN, grabbing coffee, putting the four month old down for a nap, turning on “Curious George.” Even keeping said three year old from removing every.single.tag. off of the leggings and tee shirts we have in our cart at Target. (Did I mention I may have a tiny headache today?)

Elijah said that it was going to rain inside. For a moment, I searched the house for a hose. He’s just that clever.

By the way, Elijah would like to remind everyone that he is now THREE AND A HALF, and therefore older and wiser than a plain old three year old. I am almost 28 and a half and kind of hate it. When do you go from being “YAY!!!” to “How in the hell did I miss the last 6 months?”

Back to running. If you can give birth, or even just be up.all.night. with a colicky baby, or one with a cold, or one that hates vaccines, you can run 26.2 mi. Sure it’s hard. There are certainly times I want to cry out for mercy. Guess what though? It’s easier than natural childbirth. (loads easier. loads and loads easier. Like your multiplication tables vs trigonometry.)

On a completely unrelated note, I have found a new and fun way to support my husband’s beloved NY Jets, and it’s hysterical.

J-E-T-S!!! V-P-L!!! (I would say something else, but my mom reads this blog)

Nothing says “I love my wide receiver” like their team plastered across your ass. I would LOVE these decorated in a theme ofย  my much loved Cleveland Browns. Although, when I lived in Ohio, I was as big as a wide receiver. This is much cuter, and requires much less fabric.

Do you think team undies are weird or fun?

-clearly fun

If you saw my kid taking off all of the tags would you think I trained him to be a scam artist?

-I’m really not that slick


2 thoughts on “The Jets Under My Jammies.

  1. I suddenly wish my husband had a team so that I could buy some kicky team underthings! Also, I firmly believe (and please don't correct me if I'm wrong), that if I can run 26.2 miles, I can give birth naturally. :)

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