Hanging with the Furries.

First things first. I would like to thank Baby Jesus for there being magically enough orange marmalade in our marmalade jar this afternoon for captain crazypants who just HAD to have a peanut butter and orange sandwich cut into two sandwiches today. I was worried his sandwich would be a sand *wish, making me the sand*witch putting us both in the sand*ditch.

He also wanted a no bake cookie, but no dice. He’ll have enough sweets this weekend. Yes folks, this weekend I am going to the place where surely I will bury my young hipness for good. I am taking the captain to Sesame Place. There will be frolicking with furries. (not THAT kind of furries!!) However, I am going to PRETEND that they’re THAT kind of furry and only give them sideways glances all day. I’M ONTO YOU, GROVER!!

Right now, I am planning healthy road trip snacks!! Yesterday, I picked up one of these!! A Nordic Ware microwave popcorn popper and some kernels. I am not a fan of the bags of popcorn because they are full of additives and crap I don’t want on my snacks!!! Especially if I am feeding it to the three year old. All you need is a tiny bit of EVOO and a little salt. MMMMMMM.

The verdict is delicious. I’m in trouble though. He had pb on whole grain, broccoli, and popcorn for lunch. Anyone want a 3 year old for the night?


4 thoughts on “Hanging with the Furries.

  1. ha ha ha! Sounds like a fun evening ahead. I love popcorn, but hate microwave popcorn (due to your reasons mentioned above, and also, I think it's creepy), and am interested in this fancy contraption. I might have to check it out. Have fun with the furries. *smirk*

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