Egg My Car and I Will Bring The Nightmares.

What do you do when it snows the last weekend of October in BROOKLYN?!?! A whole lotta nuttin.

That was just the beginning of the storm.

In total, we got two inches. I feel worse for Courtney and Gina who live Upstate and got HAMMERED. Which is also your only option for entertainment at that point. Fortunately, I have two kids who keep me entertained/batsh!t crazy.

Ahhhh, cabin fever. You can turn a cute little kid into a crazy demon in no time at all. You can dump all of your blocks (always placed precisely where I am going to step. I think he likes hearing Mommy squelch and swear like drill sergeant on “Full Metal Jacket”) Don’t play dumb, Captain. I saw you filling your Baba’s sock with alphabet blocks. I’m onto you.

Penguin pajamas and Jack Skellington will soothe the savage beast.

I think the worst part of the storm was how many trees were lost at Central and Prospect Park. If you’ve never run the trails at either of these parks, if you are able to come and visit our fair city, you really must. They are beautiful any time of the year. The weight of the ice on the boughs, still full of fall’s most beautiful foliage, spelled a dark sort of doom for my beloved towpath trees.

The captain and I have ran or walked those paths hundreds of times. They are lined with the most beautiful Gingko, Oak, Maple, and Willow trees. At least the hacky sackers will still be lining the trailways. (Oh, how I wish I was kidding!!!) Who still hacky sacks? Really? Is it 1995? Is “Dazed and Confused” still in everyone’s VHS player? DO YOUR WALLETS REQUIRE CHAINS?!?!?

Speaking of new outfits, IT’S HALLOWEEN!! This means I get to take two kids around town, turn them into beggars, and then eat their best candy!! (How much candy do you really expect me to let a 3 year old or 5 month old eat? The peanut doesn’t even have teeth!!) I shall give you a little glimpse of the peanut’s costume. She’s going to be the cutest kid in all of Brooklyndom.

How much do you love those tights?!?!

If anyone tries to egg my car, I am totally going to chase them down and haunt their dreams with vivid tales of childbirth and what happens to you if you are on birth control for a year without a period and then suddenly go off of that birth control. Their lives will never be the same again. YA HEAR ME, PUNKS?!??! I. WILL . RUIN. YOU. Ahh, the joys of the holiday.

Did you/Are you trick or treating?

What was the last costume you were as a kid? I was a vampire. I was lame and wanted candy.

4 thoughts on “Egg My Car and I Will Bring The Nightmares.

  1. I told the architect that I couldn't wait to take the bean trick or treating next year, and he looked at me like I was crazy - "who takes a 6 month old trick-or-treating? They can't eat candy!" And I said, "I have not been able to trick or treat for 20 years, and now I finally have a valid excuse + FREE CANDY. Don't ruin it for me."

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