Ryan Seacrest Whispering Quietly to Me.

Every so often in our life, something happens that spurs change. This has happened many times over the course of my life, and I am sure it will happen many more. I met my husband, and he flatly refused to marry me until I quit smoking. Guess who dropped the nicotine habit like a sack of poo on my mean neighbor’s doorstep? (not that I’ve ever done that…maybe just thought about it…)

One day in high school, I looked down at myself in my gothic nightmare attire, and realized “you know what? I really prefer green, OH, and royal blue, OH, and purple.” Thanks be to everything holy I figured that out.

I was told that my poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and my endometriosis, as well as my depression were inextricably linked to my weight, and that I’d most likely not have kids or want to cuddle puppies again until I lost the weight. I decided to have gastric bypass. The gastric bypass caused so much pain and so much illness that I decided it was worth it to keep going and maintaining my weight loss. I never wanted to be in the position where I would have to have a revision surgery.

Last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and decided to be a mostly stay-at-home mom and actor, instead of maintaining the rigid, long hours of the job I trained so hard to do. It was a leap of faith, that was for sure. It was all about concentrating on the things and people I loved instead of just going through the motions.

So far, it has led to so many great things for me, starting this blog, meeting lifelong friends through it, working in the field I crave like air, (Yes, this IS how actors talk all the time…it’s exhausting, even for us.) and I have watched my baby go from a newborn to a walking, jabbering, singing (for real-she sings, it’s so damn cute it makes my heart hurt.) little almost-toddler without missing a beat.

Now, with more acting opportunities, and the weaning time nearing, change is once again whispering its need in my ear. (I imagine change sounds like Ryan Seacrest) Over the next few weeks, I’ll be developing a website specific to only acting, while maintaining this blog. There might be crossover posts and the like, but I am still excited about it. There will be posts about acting and fitness, classes, auditions, what it feels like to be rejected by a casting director whom you’ve previously worked with, what it’s like to run lines with your husband when it comes up to a love scene…and your husband ISN’T the actor you’ll be doing the scene with in real life….things like that. I am silly excited about it.

As I said, I’ll still be focusing mainly on this blog, and all of its regular parts and posts. Like What I Ate Wednesday and a recipe. Today is no different.

yesterday was oatmeal, veggies, kale and egg whites, hemp chips (mmm, tastes like high school and regret.) almond protein balls, and the salad you’ll be eating tonight.

Ahh the salad. It was like heaven on a plate. All good. All grilled. All the time.

Grilled avocado, mango, and red cabbage salad.

grilled avocado, mango, and red cabbage salad.

by Cat Tan

Keywords: grill appetizer salad vegan vegetarian


  • half of one small head of red cabbage
  • one avocado
  • 1 or 2 mangoes
  • juice of one lime
  • salt and pepper


slice the cabbage into flat triangles by slicing into slices and cutting those in half

toss with juice of the lime, salt and pepper and set aside for 20 minutes

preheat grill pan to medium high

slice and peel the avocado and mangoes into 1/2 in slices

grill cabbage, avocado, and mangoes on each side for 2 minutes

toss with cabbage and serve.

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22 thoughts on “Ryan Seacrest Whispering Quietly to Me.

  1. Bwhahahaha! "tastes like high school and regret" You crack me up. May is avocado month for Seasonal Potluck, and this salad looks so good I would just love it if you would link up! http://bit.ly/JQXZjy I'm not sure tons of people understand how good grilled avocados are!
  2. Grilled avocado? I've honestly never heard of it but I'm suddenly craving some. I'm so excited for you - and look forward to reading your other blog once it's up and running! Your blog is one of the highlights of my morning (even on days when I don't get to comment b/c life is too crazy).
  3. omg grilled avocado?!?! I kind of need that now except that both my kids would explode since they are allergic. Somebody's got to take one for the team, right? I am really excited for you and your new website. Can't wait to read it.

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