Double X For the Win

ribbonSitting down to write this post, I immediately began singing: “all the women who’re independent!!” (Yes, I’m taking liberty with the lyrics as to make them grammatically correct.)

It’s the end of Women’s History Month, and being a bearer of the homogametic sex distinction, I would feel remiss in my duties as a feminist and mom of a girl, if I didn’t devote a post to the funny, amazing, awesome, and strong among us.

So, I made a list. An awesome one. With clips.

Ladies to Love, Ladies to Learn, Ladies to Laud and Lament.

First: Ladies who Live aka Ladies to Love.

Gloria freaking Steinem. Recently having turned 80 (!?!?!?!) She is a trailblazer, a wonder, a genius, and one of my personal heroes. I am an ardent and vocal fan of Ms Magazine, and hope you are as well. Also? FRIGGING OPRAH!! I don’t care WHAT you think of her show, or her channel, or even her personality, she is an African-American woman who was raised poor in the south, had a child at a very early age, and fought past every stereotype there is to rise to an insane level of power, influence, and wealth.

Tina Fey. If you don’t love her, I can’t love you. This is Liz Lemon getting *very* excited over a spreadsheet. (unintentional and wonderful pun.) Her book, Bossypants, should be REQUIRED reading for everyone, not just those who are stuck earning  seventy-three cents on the dollar of their other-gendered counterparts.  The entirety of 30 Rock is available on Netflix Streaming. 

Amy Poehler, champion of Smart Girls  everywhere. Excelling at awkward and awesome. Have you seen Parks and Recreation?? It’s one of the funniest shows on TV. It’s so easy to fall in a Parks n Rec K-hole of Netflix binging.  Oops? Where did those hours go? When was the last time I ate or slept? WHY DO I SMELL?? Yeah, one of those.

Ladies to Learn:

Lolo Jones. How does a woman go from poverty to the top of the world? When life put hurdles in her way, she jumped right the hell over them. See Here.

Kathryn Bigelow and Barbra Streisand. The former is the first and only woman to win a Best Directing Oscar for Hurt Locker and the latter is an amazing vocalist, talented actress, social activist, and ridiculously smart woman from Brooklyn, NY.  Watch one of Kathryn’s earlier films Strange Days here.

Ladies to Laud and Lament.

Joan of Arc.  Watch a great documentary about one of the world’s most famous and brave martyrs, here.

Benazir Bhutto. An incredible politician, fearless advocate, and now martyr for the people of Pakistan. Watch Bhutto.

Eleanor Roosevelt. This. Her. Don’t compare her to her husband, we all too often get tangled in who is married to whom without examining the woman herself. Screw that. Just watch a documentary about HER.

Though I am compensated by Netflix and the Netflix Stream Team, all opinions *even bad ones* are my own.

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