Want to Go Eat Grandma? (Grammar is G-d)

I’m starting a campaign. I want every blogger, every author, and every writer out there to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Yes, Grammar Girl and others have done this for years, but apparently, no one is paying attention. I know epublished authors and bloggers read my blog. I know them. I love them. I want them to have the BEST book/blog/manifesto handwritten on toilet paper with the ink made of gin and sorrow, they can have. I’m starting a “grammar tips and tricks and grammar essentials,” series. When we don’t pay attention to our proofreading, myself included, we unconsciously become less-effective authors and creators of content. I am a big fan of the “print and proof” method, but it’s whatever works for you.


6 thoughts on “Want to Go Eat Grandma? (Grammar is G-d)

  1. Loose is one that always makes me cringe. Always. That and the aunt I have that always, always, always says "could of." DIE! (Bad grammar, not the people using it. I guess.) (Oooh - what happens if I use fragments? Or, as I just did on Instamatic, end a sentence with a preposition? Can we still be friends?) (Now I am having trouble hitting 'post comment' because of the likely solecisms in said comment.)
    • Being that I am from the Midwest, I accept/am okay with ending sentences with prepositions in casual conversation/IG. Could of? Should of? Would of? Never acceptable. Ever. See also: "I seen it."
  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. One of my pet peeves. I heard recently they don't actually teach spelling, grammar OR cursive writing in the schools any longer. How can this make sense?

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