Get Series(ous). #6

Ok, let’s open this with a .gif I love. Not because it has anything to do with anything, simply because I love it. K?

I have no clue why I love this .gif so much. I just do.

This week’s Get Series(ous). post is close to my heart. Why? Because I have a paperback of it in my jacket.

Is that a carrot in your pants…?

Also, I just really love it. I’ve re-read each of them a few times, and I keep going back for more. It’s like potato chips…or moonshine. Either one, really.  I fell in love with the first book not long after its release, and I hoard each new installment like a prized dude concubine. (this is a thing that exists somewhere, right?) A concubdude. Dudecubine? Again, either way.

Let’s explain this notion and feeling I have with an image, shall we?

Guitarists have nimble…minds.

 Well, hello there, sexy man servant with completely equal rights who also happens to be a feminist. The servant thing is totally a pre-agreed to situation…no dubious consent issues at all. Now, wash my back.

The Match. 

So, for whom is this series a good match?

You know that college professor friend you have who holds several degrees, but also tends towards dick jokes at the party? Her/him.

This person may also be someone who loves the show Broad City or Girls, but is perhaps looking for a book where the cast is just a hair older. Think Big Bang Theory–only funny, and without that annoying laugh track. All the dick jokes, and a mortgage. It’s a win/Let’s pretend adulthood is a win, series.

This reader is interested in a romance that’s fresh. She’s read Sophie Kinsella and Jane Green for years, and she’s tired of certain tropes. Girls who spend too much, girls who have shit confidence, girls who go to college purely to receive their M.R.S.

This reader wants something new. She wants to have her hero and eat him too.

What is the series?

The Knitting in the City Series by Penny Reid.

If you’ve read ANY of my book posts, you know I have a serious girl crush on author Penny Reid.  Her books give me an immense amount of lady wood. Sequoia National Forest-level lady wood.

my lady wood is fertile.

The Blurb:

*from the first book.

There are three things you need to know about Janie Morris: 1) She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI (Too Much Trivial Information), especially when she is unnerved, 2) No one unnerves her more than Quinn Sullivan, and 3) She doesn’t know how to knit.

After losing her boyfriend, apartment, and job in the same day, Janie Morris can’t help wondering what new torment fate has in store. To her utter mortification, Quinn Sullivan- aka Sir McHotpants- witnesses it all then keeps turning up like a pair of shoes you lust after but can’t afford. The last thing she expects is for Quinn- the focus of her slightly, albeit harmless, stalkerish tendencies- to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Why I love it:

So many reasons. The biggest reason has got to be the dialogue. Each character has a completely unique voice, but they’ve been blended in a way that makes them feel cohesive and collected. 

The storylines are just zany enough as to work with one’s suspension of disbelief. Each book has a bit of froth, a lot of humor, and some pretty big truths. However, since those truths are ensconced within a standard of humorous storytelling, they aren’t pedantic or arrogant. It feels as though Penny Reid is layering each story with a sense of self awareness and witty self-deprecation. When one is reading a piece of this collection, one can almost hear her whispering,

“Don’t worry, I’ve totally been there, it’s ok. Also, when I was there, I just had a terrible reaction to a drug store face cream that made my neck look like Jabba the Hut. Let’s talk about it over a Pimms Cup.”

*this quote is totally fictional and I am certain Ms Reid’s neck has never appeared to be alien or slug-like in appearance. 

Reading this series, one absolutely feels as though the characters within their volumes could absolutely be their friends in real life. They are easy to cheer on, laugh with, cry with, and feel a strange and completely inappropriate reaction in the nether regions when their husbands are near.

I could totally be the jam in a Quinn/Drew sandwich. Read the books and you’ll get that. 

Also, the books made me want to learn to knit; which is weird, because the last time I was crafty was that hot minute in eighth grade when I played “light as a feather” with a bunch of girls at an “occult” bookstore. (How occult can you be if you also sell houseplants and Billy Joel albums? “She’s Got A Way About Her”…don’t know what it is, but I think it’s those love candles….)

This was the expected result. This was not what occurred.

There are currently four books in the series, with a few more planned. She’s also penning a spin-off series based on the characters in Beauty and the Mustache. *the book tied with #1 for my favorite.

Now I’m going to do something sickly personal that may make me want to puke later. Beauty and the Mustache is one of my favorite books–possibly ever, and the book HIT me. I mean, it HIT me. Not because of any personal commiseration with the characters–if anything, Neanderthal Marries Human hits close to home with that one. However, it just clicked for me, and while I was reading it, I was HEAVILY reminded of one of my favorite songs by one of my FAVORITE singer/songwriters, and it just felt like Drew. So, before the recipe inspired by the book. (Which there will be another one as well, because I couldn’t choose, but may be reserved for when I review the next book in the series.) Here’s the song.

ok, and this one.

The recipe inspired by the books:

These books take place mostly in Chicago, and we know I don’t deep dish. There are a few things I like deep…water, dark chocolate…other things…but not pizza. I like it as shallow as a Kardashian, and just as over-done.

However!!! Beauty and the Mustache takes place in TENNESSEE. I know the mid-south. I know it and love it. My family hails from West ByGod, and the food of the region is like a warm hug and sunlight on my skin.

And it is overly-criticized as pedestrian and greasy! F THAT! A: My MawMaw always made sure I had vegetables, and she no more FRIED everything than I would. Also, Tennessee, Kentucky, Huntington, they’re ALL experiencing a renaissance in the culinary world! So, I figured, why not update one of my favorite childhood foods?

Deviled Eggs. OH YEAH! Any good Southern family knows that a party isn’t a party until some poor asshole has to peel 948y3948y6398x∏r² eggs.

Oddly, it ended up being paleo. Totally unintentional, but completely delicious.

Bacon-Avocado Cracklins Deviled Eggs

Yes, cracklins. Pork rinds. I swear, they’re delicious.

Bacon-Avocado Cracklins Deviled Eggs

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Bacon-Avocado Cracklins Deviled Eggs Bacon-Avocado Cracklins Deviled Eggs


Bacon-Avocado Cracklins Deviled Eggs

by Cat Bowen

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 15 minutes-1 hour

Keywords: appetizer breakfast side snack low-carb paleo nut-free soy-free

Ingredients (2 dozen deviled eggs)

  • 12 large eggs, hard boiled
  • 5 slices of bacon, cooked, crumbled, and with the fat set aside
  • 1/2-1 large ripe avocado (to taste/texture)
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp melted butter
  • 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • large pinch salt
  • pepper
  • dash of cayenne pepper
  • 1 snack sized bag of PLAIN cracklins, crushed


halve eggs, place yolks in a bowl

mash eggs with a fork,

add rendered bacon fat, mustard, butter, vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic

mash avocado and add to mix

stir until mostly smooth or mix with a blender to achieve completely smooth texture

pipe into egg whites

top with crushed cracklins


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  1. Love you, love that series, would love to be the cheese in a Quinn/Drew sandwich, but mostly love deviled eggs. When you send me my box of mallow cakes, send some deviled eggs. (Maybe not, actually. That sounds like an ER visit waiting to happen.)

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