Book Bits: A Review in Preview, The Scarlet Deep by Elizabeth Hunter

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of reading an ARC of Elizabeth Hunter‘s newest Elemental World Novel, The Scarlet Deep

The full review will be posted–complete with recipe–on its release date, 7/7/15.

However, in anticipation of said review, I want to give B2B readers a bit of a teaser.

First, what’s the story about?

Normally, I’d TOTALLY copy/paste a blurb from GR here. However, I want to tell you in my own, semi-crazy way first, k? ok.

This is a story about how love can reach across seemingly unsurpassable boundaries. Boundaries which we erect for ourselves, and those erected by society.

speaking of erecting…


with seriously fun characters and a seriously sexysmartfunny feel.


Patrick Murphy and Anne O’Dea were quite the thing…over a hundred years ago. Since a falling out, and subsequent break-up, they’ve remained two immortals apart for the following century. However, with Murphy being the head of all of Dublin’s immortal life, and Anne being the sister of the Lady of Belfast, a crisis of possibly Biblical magnitude thrusts them together faster than Me and anything Fassbender. (I also just made that title up, and I am now going to refer to Elizabeth Hunter ONLY as “The Lady of Belfast.” I’m also assuming her family is from Belfast. Too bad for her if she’s County Kilkenny or something.)

This is a tale to determine whether years and insecurities can be overcome by love and instinct. Can trust ever be re-built?

The Scarlet Deep

A work of staggeringly well-written romance, The Scarlet Deep saturates the reader in the soul of the story, and gives them a sexy narrative they can really sink their teeth into. Elizabeth Hunter has once again proven she is a literary tempest; capable of placing pen to paper and and imagining for us a whorl of enchanting stories that keep us in a current of electric excitement from which we hope to never be separated.

Five thunderous stars.

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