Weighty Words: The Top 5 Fitness Books That Don’t Make You Want an Oreo.

When I re-branded my blog, I told myself I wouldn’t completely cut fitness out of the blog entirely, because it’s still a huge part of my life, and I love talking about it. However, it felt disingenuous to continue in the vein of “healthy fitness blogging” when I realized that a lot of the time I spend exercising, I’m also running through recipes in my head, or reading on the dreadmill, or listening to audiobooks while I pound pavement.

(I pound pavement, and the ladies/gents in the books get pounded–either way, we’re all hot.)

In fact, as I write this, I am sitting at my desk in a pair of running capris, tank, bra, and trainers, hitting the keys furiously fast so that I can hit the box.

Yesterday was the first day of school–a bitch has needs.

There is a sort of intersectionality between my worlds of fitness and words on pages, and that is the land of the athlete’s book/cookbook/”look I took up yoga and now I can do a backbend over my husband for bonus birthday points,” book.

Also, just when you think you’ve reached the limit of inappropriate jokes on my blog, you realize they’re apeiron.

Lately, I’ve read some of these books that I’ve LOVED, and some–meh–(sorry, Scott Jurek. Some good quotes, but, let me teach you the art of the “humble brag,” or maybe just “humble.”)

Mostly, the bad ones just make me want to snack. Like, eat a sleeve of oreos, snack. Because, WHY DO YOU MAKE FITNESS AND NOT HAVING LIFE SUCK SOUND SO LIFESUCKING?!?!

here’s an idea for a book:

“Hey look, I have all of this energy now, and my pants fit better, so I could do some crazy tantra with my wife, or I could TOTALLY WEAR AN ALL-SPANDEX COSTUME TO COMIC CON AND RUN AROUND LIKE A FUCKING NINJA BADASS.”

And only 10 out of 11 have to do with removing a lady’s undergarments.

BOOM! At least three nerds buy it. Done. I win.

Alas, that hasn’t been written yet, (but I’ve made, like, three post-it notes telling me to, so it’s basically a done deal. Knopf? Penguin? Who wants it?!) But I have read some truly decent little ditties of healthy-living books, and these are my top 5. (of we’ll say–the last 5/6 months, k? k.)


These are the best I’ve read.

The Top 5 Fitness Books That Don’t Make You Want an Oreo.

Top 5 Fitness Books


In no particular order:

  1. This gem was as funny as it was informative. I don’t even care if he’s from Jersey. There is naked Phish listening, hookers, LOOK, A SQUIRREL, meditation, everything a gal could want in a not-so-yogi, yoga book.
  2.  I began reading this one when I really started riding my bicycle. I was terrrrrified of it. It seemed as though it was definitely imminent death on two wheels. I hemmed and hawed over the entire situation, and when I finally gave in, I felt free. It was a strange thing to have a lifetime fear placed firmly in my past, and in realizing it could be relaxing, GASP! I found this book. It’s superdupershort. Like, the life of your favorite Doctor Who, short.
  3. This I just finished the other night. It is filled to bursting with great info, and didn’t bore me to sleep. It echoed a lot of feelings I’ve had since going vegan, without the preachiness of other books.
  4.  Wanna feel Hoodwinked? Ok, probably not, but knowing there’s been a decided lack of access to information like this will make you justifiably angry. However, it’s written in an engaging and personable style that will ease a bit of the sting.
  5. This is one of those books that sort of smacks you in the back of the head after you’ve fallen lethargic. You don’t see it coming, but you needed it, because you’re on a deadline. Literally. Your ass is moving no where fast, and you need the encouragement and motivation to get it in gear. Carla writes in her trademark quick-start style, and when coupled with Roni Noone’s writing, it just works.

What recipe would I possibly pair with HEALTHY BOOKS?!!? Because, no sugar?



Pumpkin Miso Tahini Vinaigrette

You know how after you make a pumpkin cake or pie, you inevitably have some pumpkin left over in the can, and you have NO CLUE what to do with it?

You do now.

This is VERY similar to the dressing you’d get at a hibachi or sushi place, but there’s no ketchup in it, so it’s lacking in HFCS. It’s also got the added nutritional punch of pumpkin, and the intestinal loving fermented bacteria in the miso/ACV. SO addictive.

Vegan Buddha Bowl (1)


You could do what I did, and toss together some nutrient packed goodness and drizzle it over it, or you could use it as a dip, or burger topper, french fry sauce–whatever. What is pictured above is: grilled tofu, beets, purple sweet potato, red pepper, blistered shisito peppers, bok choy, cilantro, scallion, and black rice over a bed of romaine. Nothing CRAZY crunchy because I ate this in an office I share with others, and I know people hate hearing people chew.

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Pumpkin Miso Tahini Vinaigrette

by Cat Bowen

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Keywords: condiment vegan vegetarian


  • 2 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • 2 tbsp tahini paste
  • 1 tsp white miso paste
  • 1/2 tsp reduced sodium tamari or soy sauce
  • 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper
  • 4 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar


place all ingredients into a mason jar and shake the ever-loving heck out of it.

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