2015’s Best Speculative Fiction

To read this blog is to know I ADORE SPECULATIVE FICTION. The mythology, the metaphor, the mayhem. I love it in ALL forms. Books, movies, theatre, tv. If there’s a werewolf or warlock I’m all over it. Give me your dead guys rising, your evil queens, your sexy alpha males with hearts of fucking gold, because I can’t get enough.

Tom Hiddleston with a bloodsicle is still Tom Hiddleston. Imagine him with centuries of…experience.

Think of all the discussions about books we could have. In bed. Clothing optional. Actually, fuck that, no clothing allowed.

Anyways, back to my point. Spec fic is my jam. It makes me exceedingly happy. I love its origins, its writers, its endlessly complicated plots and abilities to create characters like Khaleesi and Khal.

*raise your hand if you’re still pissed at GRRM.

(every hand on earth is raised.)

So here it is, my favorite list of the year.

2015's best speculative fiction

In very random order.

I’m waiting on the next installment of this in much the same way I wait for professors to return notes. Impatiently, and terrified I’m going to have to kill someone. (IF ANYONE GETS MAIMED OR DIES, I’M GOING ALL GRRM UP IN HERE.)

This is the tenth book in a series that just keeps.getting.better. Sherrilyn Kenyon may be the queen of the virginity and pregnancy narrative, but I DGAF, I can’t wait to read her books. I love them. She hands out babies to her characters like in-laws hand out insults, but I LOVE IT. I also love the babies. Not gonna lie.

These books are INSANE. Every cut a prophecy. Every page a freaking inspiration. SUCH writing!

Charles is the hottest character in the entire world of Mercy Thompson. His mate/wife, Anna, makes my life. They fill my soul with so much glee.

Adolescence is a fuck all time for all of us. Imagine being a deformed werewolf or the witch ward of the most insane power couple, ever. Now….get hunted. Yup.

Holy beans. Everyone has read this, and with good reason. It’s batshit insane good. YA, yes, but who cares if it’s superduperincredible.


This is definitely more “New Adult” than YA. It’s intense, and at times strange. It leads you down paths you never thought you’d be taken, and that’s a wonderful quality to a novel.

I do a history dance every time I read one of April White’s books. Full-on historgasm. I actually kick my feet when I read these because of how excited the history and syntax makes me. I’m like a little girl hopped up on soda and ice cream.

I picked up this book because it was on sale on Audible. Not only was the audio read wonderfully, I was completely taken by the story. Time travel, intrigue, adventure. Everything.

Ava and Malachi are just so much. But this series, specifically this installment? It happens in a world the likes of which is at once familiar and also so singular in its creativity and originality and complexity that it absolutely boggles the mind that one person dreamed it all up. Equal parts magic and romance, The Secret is more than the continuation of a storyline, it is a shout to other fantasy storytellers that the bar has been raised. Meet it.

2015's Best Speculative Fiction and the Sticky Toffee Sparkler for your NYE enjoyment. *hint* it's booze! #bestof2015 #books #booze Click To Tweet

For the recipe? Well, it’s nearly NYE, isn’t it? Also, I asked Grace Draven what she liked, and I put it in a cocktail form for the holiday.

Sticky Toffee Sparkler

sticky toffee sparkler

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a datey-rummy sweet cake with caramelly toffee and a soft crumb. I made it into a toasting float.


Sticky Toffee Sparkler

by Cat Bowen

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Keywords: beverage vegan

Ingredients (2 cocktails)

    for the cocktail

    • 90 ml brandy
    • 30 ml good dark rum
    • 15 ml spiced rum
    • seltzer or cream soda for topper
    • vanilla ice cream (I used vegan ice cream and it was AWESOME)

    for the toffee

    • 4 tbsp/60 g brown sugar
    • 30 ml dark rum
    • 5 ml vanilla extract
    • 30 g butter or vegan buttery spread


    make the toffee by heating the brown sugar in a saucepan until it melts-on medium high. don’t stir

    add rum and stir vigorously.

    remove from heat and stir in butter

    stir vigorously

    let cool

    for the cocktail

    combine the liquors with ice and shake well

    set up

    drizzle the inside of a large champagne flute or wine glass with the toffee

    scoop a small scoop of ice cream into each

    add liquor

    top off with soda

    stir lightly

    enjoy responsibly.

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