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Ten Biographies Worth Reading.

Ten Biographies Worth Reading.

Biographies are a very specific sort of book. Most people believe they’re for a very specific type of reader. I disagree. To them I say “AU CONTRAIRE! There is a biography out there for everyone to enjoy. Not autobiography. Not memoir. Not “Look what I did for a year so I could write a book about it!!” An honest to hell biography.

And because it’s Friday, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Ten Biographies Worth Reading (In completely random order, so don’t get your panties in a twist.)

And, yes, I’ve read all of them.

notorious rbg

Funny, smart, and makes you want to adopt RBG as your very own Bubby.

wilde's women

So often we only hear the salacious tales of Oscar Wilde, this gives us a glimpse of the not so dickheaded aspects of the author ofย Dorian Gray.


This time with 100% less music, but just as fascinating! Read the book the smash hit musical is based off of. People hate on this biography, but that’s because people are judgy fucks.

henrietta lacks

We’ve come a long way in how we treat patients and test subjects, and we have a long way to go. This fascinating book tells us about one of the most important research subjects in history.

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the wives of henry viii

Once, twice, three times a condemning husband, six marriages. Whether divorce or beheading, that guy was a real asshole, right?!


Hey there, Teddy. This infinitely readable bio of the 20th US President is a lively romp through a spectacular life. (Even maybe better than A. Hamilton!)


So good it may as well be a novel. FASCINATING story of Red Cloud, the Sioux warrior who WON.


I read this originally because my lack of knowledge on the time period and location was abysmal at best. This was QUITE unexpected in its fast pace and rich text!


Polish history is mostly ignored compared to its Habsbourg counterparts. This is super interesting and engaging.


Harvey Milk was a pioneer for LGBT rights. We’re where we are today in part because of this man.


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