Well, Maybe We Need Just One More.

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So a while ago, I saw a tweet from Sierra Dean that intrigued me. It was something like “do you like lady superheroes?” (I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember exactly.) Then there was a link to a pre-order page on Amazon. I read the blurb and thought, YES, YES I AM INTERESTED, SIERRA DEAN.

So I one-clicked.  I had not read a single book by this author, we simply follow each other on twitter. But the blurb got me. I am so glad it did.

What was it?

The cover is fab, right?

ok, here’s the blurb.

The city of Gold Bay once had a great champion in local superhero Apollo. But after his brutal defeat at the hands of The Scourge, the citizens have been left to the villainous whims of a madman.

When young reporter Rebecca “Bex” Beckett returns home to care for her sick father, the last thing she expects is his request that she play caretaker to his shut-in employer, Camden Nash. Cam is not the same man Bex remembers from ten years earlier. Once a pinnacle of society, he is now a broken shell of his former self. Yet something is simmering between them.

As Bex becomes interested in the elusive mayor of Gold Bay, Simon Nerezza, Cam must rally to become the hero he once was in order to protect Bex from Nerezza’s dark past. But Bex is no damsel in distress. She has a trick or two up her own sleeve, and things in the city on the bay are about to get super hot.

Give it to me straight.


In my head, Bex was a combo of these three:

Untitled design (3)

Bex is a take-no-shit reporter with kickass abilities, a desire for justice, and a real sparkling personality.

And Cam? He’s super swoonworthy.

But the story. The story. It felt like great pulp/pop fiction with great romance and action thrown in. Somewhat Dashiell Hammett, somewhat Perry Moore, but unique at the same time. Sierra Dean is definitely someone to watch. She gives such importance to the details. For instance, the love interest is a paraplegic, and Ms Dean really gives it the gravitas it deserves. (yes, that.)

Also, because it’s a “period” novel, (insofar as it can be) there’s not the technology that tends to serve as a plot propeller in so much fiction right now. She’s true to the middle of the twentieth century, and it’s a great departure from what I’ve been reading. It’s not high-fantasy, it’s urban fantasy–with a twist.  Picturing the characters out at a tiki bar, or serving something in a jello mold is completely within the realm of possibility. The sex is more forward, but even though they aren’t in the twenty-first century, we are.

However, the romance is a slow burn (pun intended). It gives the readers time to adjust to the couple as individuals before they become a cohesive unit. This results in each character being more interesting and fully-developed, even in a novel as short as this one. It also provides time in the narrative to bring on the other action, and lead up to the reveal of the big bad.

Speaking of the big bad. The Scourge is a smoky sort of villain, with an extremely high creep factor. He’s a great supervillain with a distinctly terrifying superpower. I think when Ms Dean was creating him, she sort of said “what’s the WORST thing someone could do to you?” and The Scourge was born. It’s a quite power, but…

We Don’t Need Another Hero is a perfect afternoon read full of tense action, steamy romance, and a story that leaves you wanting more.

I really hope Sierra Dean brings back Bex and Cam in future installments, as I just can’t imagine this being a standalone.

four point five stars.

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And now…

Recipe, Please!

Review: We Don't Need Another Hero by @SierraDean Recipe: Spicy Morning Matcha Tonic. Click To Tweet

Ok, so they DO eat in this novel, and a very important scene happens at a restaurant, but I didn’t want to go that route. Bex is too cool to be conventional. In my imagination, we’d be a team of super-sleuths! (also, I would be able to fly AND regerate a la Deadpool.) So I thought about it.

Bex is pyrokinetic. So, of course, she’s going to love spicy food. She is also a superhero fighting to rid the world of enemies seen and unseen. She needs to start her day right.

She’d be down for a tonic.

What IS a tonic?



a medicine that invigorates or strengthens:

a tonic of sulphur and molasses.


anything invigorating physically, mentally, or morally:

His cheerful greeting was a real tonic.
I’m just using the word to describe a bevvy that’s not quite a latte, not quite a smoothie, but a good-for-you, on the go, pick-me-up drink!
I love matcha. LOVE.  But it has A LOT of caffeine. So, it’s really a morning drink. Not that I listen to that suggestion…but still. It has a flavor that is smoky and bitter and lends itself to sweetening and to the addition of milk. This recipe is vegan, spicy, sweet, and will get you going.
spicy morning matcha tonic spicy morning matcha tonic

Spicy Morning Matcha Tonic

by Cat Bowen

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Keywords: beverage cocktail vegan vegetarian soy-free paleo

Ingredients (1 tonic)

  • 1 tsp matcha powder
  • 12 oz coconut milk (from the can)
  • 1 oz apple juice concentrate or 3 tsps honey
  • 1/2 tsp freshly grated ginger
  • 1/4 tsp lemon zest
  • 1 kiwi, peeled


add all ingredients to a blender with 2 ice cubes and blend until smooth, this will take a bit–that matcha is stubborn.

serve over more ice.

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