Get Your Smarty Shot.

I am on a cloud from Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination for President of the United States. I stayed up late. I drank entirely too much iced coffee. I cried for days. It was just so much. So great.

So heavy.

I’m sort of, very, overwhelmed. Too much everything. Mostly, I want to keep this feeling going, but I don’t want to burn out. I need a few days to decompress, breathe deeply, move more slowly.

But I can’t stop thinking about one crucial line from Hillary’s speech last night.

I Believe in Science--Hillary Clinton

I Believe in Science.

She said that. This is not what the other side is saying. The other side denies climate change. The other side denies evolution. This hit all my geek nerves. It was monumental. It was near the end of the speech. After years of vituperative attacks from politicians decrying the existence of facts, justifying this knavery with a handful of papers by pay-for-play “scientists,” to see this candidate decry the ignorance of remaining purposefully obtuse during her Addisonian acceptance speech?

Right in the feels.

People in my own family are science deniers. I worry that it’s contagious. I certainly don’t want the ignorance cooties. I really don’t want my children to catch it. What would be the shot for that? “Ellipsis, Ellipsis, Thought, Thought, Now I have my Smarty Shot?” I feel like that may work, because, you know, vaccines are pretty effective. (Please, Universe, let us get to a point of herd immunity against vitriolic stupidity.)

Remember when Trump said he would debate Bill Nye? I so wanted that to happen. I wanted to see Trump try to call Bill Nye “Dummy Bill Nye,” and everyone look at him sideways. Like, “Really, Flying Cheeto Monster? Your biggest advisor is YOU, so we all just imagine you sitting at home, in your gold bathtub, talking to yourself in a mirror while your minions apply a fresh coat of fluorescent paint. ”

It would’ve been GLORIOUS. Alas, he turned tail and ran.

But thankfully, Bill Nye remains!!! And it’s this great vaccination against the dumbs that are trying to creep over our children.

A Badass in a bowtie.

Let your kids learn in the summer. YOU can learn things in the summer. Even if it’s just about how awesome nineties television is.

Yes, it’s OMG IT’S ON NETFLIX NOW!!!! You can binge on brains. Your kids can BINGE ON BRAINS.

Or, if you want the sexy slow jam of science, go for this guy.

I swear to G-d, I could listen to his podcast as sexy background music for happy naked fun time.

Take me to outer space, Neil.  Show me the stars.

It looks like I have my afternoon planned. Catch you on the return thrust.



Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.
Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.

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