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Follow My Diet–Or Don’t. A Cautionary Tale

So, I’ve been struggling. I made a commitment to get healthier, and fell off the rails when my Grandmother got ill and went into a nursing home. After that, I traveled, and I had to dig right back into an intense level of scholarship. Not to mention that we have had the hottest July and August on record. When it’s 100F, I can’t find the motivation to workout.

Thankfully, it looks like there’s going to be a break in the heat in the very early mornings again, and, I’m back in the habit of itemizing my day within an inch of insanity.

Also, while I’ve been eating better–mostly by keeping junk out of my house–it’s not good enough. The excess weight isn’t moving, and I feel like dreck.

Therefore, I’ve decided to try out a few VERY regimented diets. I am naturally an automated eater: cereal for breakfast, peanut butter for lunch, veg and tofu or seitan for dinner. The problem is my snacking and my portions. I don’t eat very much in one sitting, but I eat several times a day. Also, if I eat great allll day, I tend to go nuts at night. Snacks, wine, ice cream are pretty normal around these parts.

Which diet first? And let’s not call it a “lifestyle change.”

Eating 1299-1400 calories a day is NOT a lifestyle change. It’s not even sustainable. But that’s where the weight loss happens. If left to my own devices, that would be 800 calories of food, and 400 calories of wine.

I think this is the right amount.

Somehow, I think that way lay ruin.

The first diet I am doing is “The 21 Day Fix.” This diet used to be very inaccessible to vegans. However, recently they’ve made a plan for those of us who prefer plant-based foods.  But let’s be honest, I am doing this diet because of the fun, multi-colored containers.

I am a sucker for packaging. And simplicity. And planning my meals in advance. If I can do it all on a Sunday–I’m set. Cook everything separately. Measure. Portion. Package. Oh, and I can just make a shake for breakfast. Because I’m lazy.

Unfortunately, it is VERY LIMITED on wine. 4oz/2x/wk. That’s essentially NO wine. How the hell am I supposed to justify all of my late-night comment ranting?

Oh wait, I still have ambien!

So as I sit here with my animal crackers, pondering life, and waiting on my tiny boxes of hope and sadness, here are some of my healthier recipes for you scamps to contemplate. Ok, and me. I need to contemplate not eating animal crackers while sitting around and pondering life.

Szechwan Clams

Szechwan Clams

mexican tzatziki

quick green bean pickles


7 thoughts on “Follow My Diet–Or Don’t. A Cautionary Tale

  1. I did not know they had updated the 21 Day Fix Plan! I have it, and just reading the plan made me cranky. That's about as far as I got (though I do use that little blue container most week days to bring pumpkin seeds to add to my salad - not what's supposed to go in there but whatever). I'm not vegan, but I prefer to limit meat in my diet (in large part because I don't like meat all that much) and the lack of accommodation for beans/legumes + whole grains as an alternate protein source is really frustrating. I will have to give it another look.
  2. 21 day fix is great! I've done it and 21 day fix extreme as well and lost weight on both each time I've done them. I usually do both the workout and the diet but anything by beachbody is usually going to work.

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