Father Christmas’ Machine is Broken

It’s now been officially 1 week since the end of the world. I’m still reeling. To be honest, that’s why I just couldn’t post last week. I was too depressed. But, Thursday night, the kids and I had big plans, and I promised them we’d do them no matter what.

Even if I was kind of dying inside.

They’re kids, they were excited.

What were our plans? We were invited to go see the new HGTV Santa HQ in Queens Center Mall. My kids, like many, LOVE going to see Santa–even if they clam up immediately and refuse to say anything to the not-creepy-at-all old dude dressed in a jumpsuit. (What makes someone decide to go into the Mall Santa business? Like one day they look in the mirror and say “Damn, I’ve begun to look like Father Christmas, let me go set up shop in front of Sephora and see what happens!?”)

Santa HQ  was bananas. It was like your typical Santa at the mall fun, but possibly on acid, and living in Tron. Obviously, my kids loved it. There are interactive exhibits all through the little world you travel on your way to see Father Christmas, pictures are taken, iPads to fight over, a machine to detect whether or not the children are “naughty” or “nice.” (Both of my kids ended up on the nice list, so I’m going to say it’s faulty. Mostly. Possibly.)

img_8548 img_8551

(she is worried about the outcome, you can tell.)

What my kids loved the best was the elf dance that it creates about halfway through. Your kids take a picture,  and they upload it onto elf faces, and the elves dance. 2 of the other elves happen to be Chip and Jo of Fixer Upper, so my Peanut was STOKED. She LOVEEEES Chip and Jo. She actually (at 5yo) told me at Santa HQ, “you know, Jo didn’t design this. There is not enough white and no shiplap.” She’s so right.

Christmas with shiplap and inexpensive real estate. If only I liked Texas. (tooo hot)

The Santa HQ Experience can be booked in advance, and it’s really not that much more expensive than any other Santa, and you’re getting an experience. (Maybe don’t go if you have sensitive hearing, or are particularly offended by really bright colors.) At around $35, that’s pretty average for a Father Christmas picture in NYC, and I think it’s cheaper than Macy’s Herald Square, which you CANNOT book in advance, and which ALWAYS SMELLS OF SADNESS AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT FATHER CHRISTMAS CAN’T MAKE YOUR MOTHER MARRY THAT HOT GUY…or can he?

I’d marry that. Not Father Christmas. The other guy.

It’s worth it.

(This is a sponsored post, but the elves did not make me do it.)

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