Deaf People Talk Dirty–or at least think it. Five Deaf Romance Novels.

Completely unrelated to post below, but I love it, so I’m sharing.

I got my 2017 planner. This makes me unspeakably happy. I have severe ADHD and dyscalculia, so I have to plan everything in exacting detail. (And I still manage to forget shit. Ever so frustrating.) I just ordered stickers for it. I love planner stickers. I am pumped. Because, literally anything would be better than 2016. ANYTHING. I am ready to just burn 2016 down. Instead I made a cookies and cream cocoa cocktail and read.


Ok, so I’ve talked some about my disabilities here, before, but let’s talk more, shall we? We shall. Most days, I don’t feel “disabled.” But it’s not something I need to remind myself about, though, either. I am deaf with -70+ dcbls lost. (I score really high on tests, duh–provided those tests don’t take too long, if they do, then–oh look, there went my attention!) The ADHD thing is trickier. Some days, my meds do a decent job of just keeping it at a nice, low-level of magpie. Some days I feels like I have a hyperactive toddler living in my brain, and they’re playing tag with my thoughts. As for my dyscalculia–I will ALWAYS be early to everything. Unless I’m stuck underground, I’m early. The train makes me nervous for this reason. I start to panic if I think I’ll be late somewhere. Crazy panic. It’s not good.

There is so little accurate representation of disability in romance novels. It’s nearly non-existent. On average 10% of the world is disabled. So, what the fresh fuck? It stands to reason that 10% of characters in romance should be, I don’t know, DISABLED. I love seeing deaf and HoH people represented in literature. I love seeing any disability represented, honestly. However, I am most-knowledgeable about deafness and learning disabilities.


But there are some, and the ones I’ve loved, I’m highlighting a few.

This book not only deals with deafness, but also gives a pretty good glimpse of how it affects others, and how isolating it can be. It’s sweet and steamy, and I love it. Actually, I need to read it again. Because, reasons. It’s also available on audiobook, if you like irony.

I honestly JUST read this book, and loved it. The protagonist isn’t HOH, but mute. It’s unique and very sweet. What do you have when you have an alpha male who cannot speak? You make his actions speak for him.

New adult, and reads like a new adult–but it’s not tropey. The guy is not having a douchey existential crisis related to so many issues. If you are a fan of Amy Harmon’s Making Faces, you’ll love this.
Young Adult–but somehow feels very grown up. These are kids in a rock band with a deaf agent, so the premise DOES require suspension of disbelief to the extreme, but it also seems so essential. The protagonist’s place in the world is not governed by her hearing status. It’s refreshing.

If you like a moody hero–this is your book. It sort of feels a little like an Elizabeth Hunter novel–The Genius and The Muse–type book. The hero kinda reminds me of Javi, who is the broody love of my literary life, so it had me at hello.

Read all of these, especially if you are hearing. There are things about being deaf or HOH (hard of hearing) that I think are more powerfully understood if one is looking through someone else’s eyes, and (not) hearing through someone else’s ears.

Also, sex is quieter if you’re mute, so there’s more possibility for kink. 😉

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vegan cookies and cream cocoa cocktail

vegan cookies and cream cocoa cocktail vegan cookies and cream cocoa cocktail

Vegan Cookies and Cream Cocoa Cocktail
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What Goes In?

  • 2 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz bailey's (they have vegan bailey's)
  • 1 oz amaretto
  • 4 oz coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 3 crushed oreos
  • vegan marshmallows
  • chocolate syrup

Avengers, Assemble!

  1. combine all liquids and stir on stovetop on low until warm
  2. stir in cookies
  3. top with marshmallows and syrup
  4. this is one very big drink!


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