Reader/Eater’s Best Books of 2017

Well, it seems as though another year has passed. 2017 was a real kick in the teeth if I do say so myself. It was hard. Nothing about it was ordinary or easy. We have an irresponsible toddler in the White House, the GOP passed a ridiculous tax bill overwhelmingly benefiting the rich, and they cancelled Good Girls Revolt. What the fuck. However, books were amazing in 2017, and I read PLENTY of them. Here are my picks for the best books of 2017.

I have a rather wide range of books this year. Not only did I challenge myself to the Be Better Book Challenge, and completed all but War and Peace, I read several more books in that vein. But that book is my Everest. I may be overestimating my desire to climb that particular mountain. Ok, there’s no “may” about it. I don’t want to climb that mountain or read that story. I cannot with it and won’t.

Mostly, I read stuff to make myself think or let myself escape. I didn’t read a ton of tear jerkers. I didn’t read a bunch of comedic books which don’t talk about the shit show currently happening in the world. I tried not to read anything anti-feminist, although a few romance novels snuck in that made me cringe and consider writing a bunch of femme/butch/queer/straight/bi/gay/POC romance where everyone is either an awesome cowboy or presidential pundit. Then, I’d be like, “take that, you author with a ton of ingrained misogyny!” It wouldn’t sell as much, but you can bet it would be hot.

Best Books of 2017


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These are in NO ORDER AT FREAKING ALL, and yes, they’re affiliate links, because why not confuse everyone as to whether or not I’m a capitalist.

It’s no secret I love Penny Reid. This book was no exception. Beau and Shelley made me feel things. Things that were hard to feel, things that were cathartic to feel, and tickly, tingly, sexy feels. Worth it.

How much do you know about James Buchanan and the Mont Pelerin Society? Nothing? I didn’t either. I’d heard about the effects, felt them personally, though. So have you. Read this book. Now. Yesterday. You think Koch started all of this shit on his own? You’d be wrong. He’s just a player in a big machine.

Anne Bishop shines in this series of the Cassandra Sangue and various other supernatural folk. The world building in this is just absolutely bananas. This is the fourth in the series, and it’s just as potent.

Oh how I love Grace Draven.  This book is FUCKING INSANE. I can’t put it in a category. It’s scifantnecromansexy? This is novella-length, so you can read it in an afternoon, or if you’re a dude, one trip to the bathroom. You’re welcome. Grace Draven is pure fantasy and philological pornography. Enjoy.

If you didn’t read Binti, get the eff on that. It’s easily one of the best novellas I’ve ever read. Another book of hers, Akata Witch, is on my son’s top ten list, and he’s picky as hell. This is a continuation of Binti and it is urban fantasy and hypermythic. It’s a Rick Riordan or Octavia Butler feeling narrative, but entirely unique.

This book looks at the future, and while it’s not all encouraging, and some of it is downright terrifying, much of it provides hope. Useful hope. Needed hope. Gooooood fucking A, it’s nice to feel hope. Hopey Changey, let’s go into the future, hope.

Mercy stars in her own kidnapping…again. BUT, it keeps working. This is easily my favorite of the last five Mercy Thompson novels. Come for the pilot, stay for the OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME.

I’ve read this thrice times. Thrice. In six months. Elizabeth Hunter’s books read like the labor of love that they are. Each word is so contemplated, so well-placed, it’s a fucking revelation. In the continuation of the Benzin Elemental Legacy series, we get to really dig in deep with Ben and Tenzin, and you need this novel. Need.

Reincarnation Blues is as close to a perfect novel as I’ve read this year. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to come back? How about 1000 times? What if every time you went back, you got closer and closer to Death? Yeah.

Florence and Raj. They’re my everything. Yes, the author of The Ruby Blade is one of my closest friends, but I don’t mince words with books. In fact, I’ve been told I can be quite cunty. I love love love this book. I’m rereading it right now hoping I get to beta the next soon.

Wow. This book. It’s so topical, it’s so poignant, and every fucking person on the planet better read this book. There aren’t words. Ok, there’s like 100,000, but you know what I mean. GET THIS BOOK. ON AUDIO. GET IT.


THE BADDEST BITCH BITES BACK. I laughed like a banshee, I cried a river of tears. I felt everything over and over again. I needed this. You need this. We all need this. Answers. Hope. Inspiration. I loved Secretary Clinton like whoa, and after this I love her even more.

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki let me think and be me with this morsel-filled beauty of a book. You think this is just another “self-help” woo woo book, but it’s not. It’s doable. You can break it down into bites or swallow it whole. Either way, you will be changed. Bex isn’t some teacher in a glass tower. She’s a mom who’s been through it and tells the tale. It’s a revelation for those of us used to dealing with the unapproachable. She’s the next Brene Brown or Glennon Doyle. Trust me on this.

This is the conclusion of this series and HOLY SHIT, I’ve never wanted to fanfic the fuck out of something more. I don’t, but I have ideas. So many ideas. There are couples I ship so hard that I need them to be together. (A certain old clocker and teacher…) I CANNOT WAIT FOR RINGO’S BOOK. I’M ACTUALLY DYING FOR IT.

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