Book Bits: A Review in Preview, The Scarlet Deep by Elizabeth Hunter

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of reading an ARC of Elizabeth Hunter‘s newest Elemental World Novel, The Scarlet Deep.  The full review will be posted–complete with recipe–on its release date, 7/7/15. However, in anticipation of said review, I want to give B2B readers a bit of a teaser. First, what’s the story about? Normally, I’d … Read more

Do Vampires Drink Bloody Marys?

Do you know what day is coming up? OH YES! Easter! Other than the deeply religious significance of the holiday, it also means two very important things: brunch, and Easter eggs. Well, I have something for both cravings right now. One is the perfect twist on a classic in the form of a spicy Irish … Read more

Deaf People Talk Dirty–or at least think it. Five Deaf Romance Novels.

Completely unrelated to post below, but I love it, so I’m sharing. I got my 2017 planner. This makes me unspeakably happy. I have severe ADHD and dyscalculia, so I have to plan everything in exacting detail. (And I still manage to forget shit. Ever so frustrating.) I just ordered stickers for it. I love … Read more

I Am Still Trying to Think of a Pithy Title.

This book, guys. Perfect fall afternoon. [buy here] Up until late last night I wasn’t sure I was going to write this post. I had and have so many conflicting feelings about whether it was “right” or not. I found myself in this ambiguous space between excitement over a really fun and well-written romance I’d … Read more