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2015’s Best Speculative Fiction

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Girl Power: Netflix and Chill with Jessica Jones

You guys. I totally had a whole “Netflix/Advent/24 Days of Netflix” post planned for today, I did. There was going to be pop-ups, giveaways, references to sexual organs, more movies! All of it!

But then, this past week has put into a stark light why feminism and standing up to the man and, you know, the patriarchy is so important.

I want our daughters and sons to grow up expecting to see as many women in Congress, the Senate, in front of college classrooms, on the SCOTUS bench as they do men. I want them to know that women are completely autonomous from men, and not dependent on them to make their decisions for them regarding their bodies, how much they get paid, when they can have families, how they express their sexualities, and whether or not they choose to stay home or work outside of the home.

It sounds like a Utopia, but I don’t care. I’m tired of making excuses. I want it.

I want our daughters to know how kickass they are. I want to see the future Gloria Steinems and Audre Lordes and Elizabeth Warrens of the world pop-up and say “LISTEN!! WE ARE EQUAL, and WE ARE HERE!!” I want to see my daughter slay her own dragons, because she saw me slay them first, and knew it was possible.

This, THIS is why I won’t be doing the Merry Netflix post today.

Because there is something more pressing:

Women make the BEST superheroes.

Hear me out:

Kate Kane as Batwoman isn’t afraid to be 100% more vicious than her male counterpart, she’s more sexual, more gritty, more everything. Supergirl is innocent, yes, but she was sent TO PROTECT Superman. Her. Black Widow does it when she’s not fallen into a vat of nuclear reactor uranium or venom or benefit of extra-terrestrialism. Storm and Phoenix don’t blame their faults on anyone else (looking at you, Magneto!) and they manage to get shit done. The Scarlet Witch simply DGAF about worrying her pretty little head over the dumb stuff. Her husband, Vision is her PARTNER, NOT her savior.

And then there’s this lady

Jessica Jones. An orphan. A friendless waif of a woman who swills whiskey, manages her own shit, curses, has SEX, lives her life on her own terms, and KICKS SO MUCH ASS. Yes, I realize I’m discussing superheroes like they’re real people, but think about it, when you live with these characters for years, following them through all of their iterations and pages, movies and shows, they become a real part of what makes a superhero in your mind. They’re the archetypes, the ones you compare everyone else against. Be it for good or for ill, we project ourselves into these people and daydream and wish for possibilities. That is what makes the genre so spectacular. And Jessica Jones? She’s just so much.

And Netflix made her so much more. Netflix made her “Netflix and Chill” famous. The great thing about Netflix is that they’re so open to taking risks. Risks no network wil take. Sure, Showtime and HBO have sex and violence, and often both, but a feminist show that appeals to both genders, blows the Bechdel test out of the water, isn’t all about “Oh, but if I only had a man, or a penis, or matching shoes”??? Niet. Not before Netflix.

This show is NOT for kids. Not remotely. But many an undergrad dealing with those stupid feelings of inadequacy that show their ugly faces during times of crisis and stress will benefit from such a strong woman. And women my age and older? Well, we’ll just be tipping back our own dram and watching with our fists raised, periodically yelling “AMEN” at our ipads and televisions. She’s it. She’s it for us. We need more, we’ll always need more, but Jessica is LIFE. I am a shameless sycophant of this show that catches you from the first fifteen minutes and then sets you in its grip until you realize that hours and hours have passed, you are starting to smell funny, the coffee pot is empty, and your boss is wondering where you are.

Total Netflix K-Hole

So sit back, relax, and watch every episode.

Here’s a whiskey-based drink for your Netflix and Chill.

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Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.
Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.

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