Tri-ing To Read, Here.

Ok. This is another book review post, but I felt as though I’ve been neglecting telling you about my workouts as of late, so I’m going to do a quick re-cap with where I’ve been in this arena recently. Right now I’m taking it a bit easy, mostly playing with my kids, and chasing them … Read more

First Stop, Coffee. Next Stop, SPEED.

I read in this morning’s Huffington Post about Brooklyn parents ordering their children “babyccinos” which is essentially a smaller, decaf, whole fat OR soy, cappuccino. How ridiculous does that sound? Do they want a double shot? Can they get a venti? Can you make it caffeinated before dropping them off at your in-laws? (what? I … Read more

New Year, New You, New Crapload of Stupid Diets!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many emails I have recieved promising my readers “awesome weight loss” or “a whole new perspective on getting healthy”. It’s friggen comical. Every mother trucking television show this morning revolved around getting organized, losing weight, quitting smoking, etc. Let’s start small. (stop me if you’ve heard that … Read more