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Happy Galentine’s Day!!

Statistically, Fridays are GREAT days for reveals and VERY SHORT POSTS unless those posts are reveals. So I’m going to do something fun and fresh. A post, fuck-full of graphics, that I love, a PALEO dessert that will rock your Val/Galentine, and a NEW BOOK REC!!

And now….fun with quotes: Cat’s favorites edition. (Though, honestly, if I put it on my blog, we have to assume it’s going to be my favorite. I have lots of favorites. In general, I hate the term “slut,” because it indicates that a love of sex equates a less-than worth, but in this instance, I’m a total Quote Slut.)

Joe Hill NOS4A2

Jane Austen

ee cummings

haruki murakami


margaret atwood

Now for the book rec! My and my PSM, Amy’s awesome book club We Ran, We Read, We Rummed, *JOIN* read an OMG SUCH A GOOD BOOK!! (review to come!)


And now? The recipe.

Ok, so I agreed to do a one week Paleo challenge, and despite one horrible idea I had that I could combine the butter and the coconut oil the night before and blend it into my coffee the next day, it went really well. I ate 94873948673948639467 nuts. I had 934876394673469 eggs. I ate 394876934867 sweet potatoes, and I found so many more uses for schmaltz and bacon fat. While I don’t think the diet is for me, (I am more of a Nordic-style/Mediterranean-style eater) it wasn’t awful. I don’t think I could live without my cold-pressed canola (rapeseed, for you europeans) oil, farro, or oats. While I try to eat mostly whole-grains, and even make cookies from them, giving them up entirely will simply not happen.

One thing that will keep happening? Bulletproof coffee. One cup of coffee with one tbsp of schmancy unsalted butter and one tbsp virgin coconut oil, blended to high heaven. It’s actually delicious. *Unless you combine a new coconut oil you’ve never tried with butter the night before, then it tastes of sadness and pain.*

Another thing I won’t give up? 72% chocolate. OMG. IT’S SO GOOD. When you add raw cacao nibs and almonds? huminahhuminah.

My kids are dairy-free, so I am forever in search of new treats that are SAFE for them. Yes, my son can handle baked butter if I feed him enough probiotics to clean Elvis’s gut, but it’s easier to avoid. I’ve seen tons of chocolate-dipped clementine oranges, but most used typical dark chocolate and then topped with salt. I decided to do a little more. I topped them with chopped salted almonds and raw cacao nibs. I also sprinkled some with cinnamon, and others with chipotle powder.

Paleo Chocolates

paleo chocolates paleo chocolatesThese are simple. Just peel and separate the seedless clementines (lets say 4 of them) and strawberries, (depends on size and amount of yummy chocolate you have) lay on a paper towel, top with a paper towel, and refrigerate. When they’re extra-cold, and extra-dry, melt 6 oz 72% chopped dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl on high for 30 seconds, stir, and keep doing this in 15 second increments until it’s smooth. Dip each piece in the chocolate and lay on a sheet of parchment or wax paper and then top with chopped nibs and almonds, if you’re adventurous, dust with cinnamon or chipotle powder. When they’re solid, EAT THEM. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.